Mikromethoden in der Proteinchemie

Wednesday, June 26th


Mittwoch, Wednesday 26. Juni/June 2013


International Day

Deep Sequencing and Applications



09.00-09.20 h        Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology             B. Timmermann


09.20-09.40 h       Next Generation Sequencing - Auf dem Weg in die           

                           Diagnostik                                                                     M. Droege  


09.40-10.00 h        Next Generation Sequencing with Illumina                        M. Prucha


10.00-10.20 h        Ion Torrent - Semiconductor Sequencing                         O. Stephan


10.20-10.40 h        Kaffeepause/Coffee break    


10.40-11.00 h       Agilents Flexible Solutions in GenOMICS                      A. Rühlmann


11.00-11.20 h        Transforming NGS in clinical reseach and healthcare - Qiagen´s         

                            new scalable GeneReader sample to result workflow         M. Hausch


11.20-11.40 h       Sequencing the "Unsequenceable"                               

                           Pacific Biosciences                                                    R. Vogelsang


11.40-12.00 h        Clinical applications of Next Generation Sequencing         J. Ködding


12.00-13.30 h        Mittagspause/Lunch break


13.30-14.15 h        Tales of the Non-coding Genome                                 S. Gustincich


14.15-15.00 h        N- & C-Terminomics                                                        C. Overall


15.00-15.30 h        Kaffeepause/Coffee break


15.30-16.30 h                        Orbitrap mass spectrometry:                      A. Makarov

                                               past, present and future





17.00-18.00 h                    Introduction for hands-on Workshops


19.00 h                            Joint Dinner for Course participants